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About Us


About Us

About us


MUNDUS Asset Management is an investment manager licensed by the Bank of Lithuania. We provide asset management services for well-informed investors with the best interests of the client in mind. MUNDUS is partly owned by INVL Asset Management.


MUNDUS manages the Mundus Bridge Finance fund



Mundus Bridge Finance Fund

Mundus Bridge Finance Fund

Mundus Bridge Finance Fund


MUNDUS Bridge Finance (MBF) fund's objective is to generate stable growth of capital via private debt investments in fast growing alternative finance companies. Target companies are expected to have limited access to traditional sources of financing, yet should be able to generate strong cash flow. The engages in active strategic management of target companies, while maintaining liquidity provision with the help of revolving short-term financial instruments.

Diversifying strategy: low correlation to traditional asset classes and public markets makes MBF an attractive addition to investors’ portfolios


Preservation of capital: stable yield and low volatility of secured debt instruments facilitates capital preservation


Return potential: MBF exploits profitable opportunities in undersaturated private debt markets


High growth segment: Alternative finance is a rapidly expanding sector with an increasing number of staggering success stories


Net Asset Value (Trailing 2Y)

Fund unit value: 136.2595 euro
Fund unit value change over the month: 0.50 percent
Fund unit value change year to date: 7.74 percent
Fund unit value change over 12 months: 8.54 percent
Synthetic* expected shortfall: 28.1 percent
Information updated: 2018-11-30

Fund Unit Value

(euro) 2015 2016 2017 2018
January 106.0877 116.4333 127.3612
February 106.9052 117.3518 128.2564
March 107.7425 118.2367 129.1204
April 108.5976 119.1724 129.9407
May 100.0000 109.4230 120.0675 130.8587
June 100.7052 110.2837 121.0003 131.7750
July 101.4182 111.0999 121.8920 134.3728
August 102.1740 111.9443 122.8058 134.6450
September 102.9454 112.8229 123.7121 134.9292
October 103.7253 113.7244 124.6259 135.5826
November 104.5234 114.6200 125.5431 136.2595
December 105.3381 115.5594 126.4667

* Quantitative risk assessment is performed using historical data of high yield bonds adjusted for concentration risk, due to the short history of target companie's activity



If you are a young and rapidly growing business engaged in non-bank lending with an appetite for stable external funding, we can offer you a strategic partnership. More information can be found here.






Audrius Mozūras, PARTNER

Before joining MUNDUS Audrius held positions of Chief Economist at the national central bank‘s Systemic Risk Modelling Division, Corporate Finance Specialist at a regional investment bank Evli Securities and Equities Analyst for a EUR 180m portfolio at a London-based hedge fund GLG Partners.

Audrius has a Master‘s degree in Quantitative Economics and Finance from the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland and a Bachelor‘s degree in Economics and Business Administration from the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, Latvia. In addition, Audrius specialised in Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions as part of the Zaeslin and Maag Programme for Law & Economics.

mobile: +370 672 30426


Martynas Grikinis, PARTNER

Before joining MUNDUS Martynas was the  Head of Investment Strategy at the private banking unit of an international bank SEB. Prior to that he held positions of Wealth Management Advisor and Portfolio Manager at a regional asset manager Evli Securities overseeing investment strategy implementation for institutional clients across the Baltics.

Martynas has a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the ISM University of Management and Economics, Lithuania. Martynas also holds a Financial Broker Consultant licence from the Bank of Lithuania.

mobile: +370 610 25696

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Andrej holds the position of Chief Business Development Officer at one of the leading asset management companies in Lithuania INVL Asset Management and the position of Chairman at the financial brokerage company INVL Finasta. Andrej also chairs the Supervisory Board at the INVL Asset Management's Latvian pension fund affiliate. In addition, Andrej is an Independent Board Member at one of the largest groups of dairy product companies in the Baltics - Vilkiškių pieninė. In his previous managerial roles at asset management, financial intermediation and banking companies Andrej has gained valuable business management and capital raising experience.

Andrej earned a Bachelor’s degree in Management and Business Administration from the Vilnius University, Lithuania. Andrej also holds a Financial Broker General licence from the Bank of Lithuania.

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Audrius holds the position of Legal Manager of Private Equity Investments at one of the leading asset management companies in Lithuania INVL Asset Management and the position of Board Member at the Lithuanian Investment Manager's Association. Prior to that Audrius acquired investment legal risk management experience and in-depth understanding of financial market regulation as a Compliance Officer at an international bank SEB and as a Lawyer at Bank Finasta.

Audrius has a Master's degree in Law from the Mykolas Riomeris University, Lithuania.